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Academic Governance

Academic Governance

Academic Governance

Structures, policies and processes upon which decisions are informed and authorised in pursuit of quality academic outcomes

The Academic Board has been established pursuant to article 8.10(c) of the Constitution. 

The Board of Governors delegates matters concerning the academic functions and policies of the College – including the approval and review of academic programmes. 

The College of Law is authorised to self-accredit its own programmes at levels 8 and 9 of the Australian Qualifications Framework by the Commonwealth Tertiary Education Quality & Standards Agency (TEQSA).


Our Academic Board consists of internal and external members with appropriate levels of skill, knowledge, experience and independence 

Its main accountabilities are detailed in the Academic Board Terms of Reference (PDF). 

 Academic Board Profiles

Academic Board Subcommittees 

Academic Board subcommittees are established in accordance with the Academic Board’s Terms of Reference. Subcommittees have specific oversight responsibilities and are responsible for considering detailed issues and making recommendations to the Academic Board for approval.

The Academic Board has approved Terms of Reference for each subcommittee within its own Terms of Reference.




Group Course Committee    

Lewis Patrick (Chair)

Ann-Maree David  (Program Director, Qld) 

Catherine Stokes (Program Director, WA)

Morton Herschderfer (Director, NSW PLT)

Graham Jobling (Program Director)

Jenna Ash (Chief Academic Officer, NZ)

John McGill (Director, Practitioner Education)

Tatiana Rabaeva (Assistant Director, Practitioner Education (Postgraduate Specialisation))

Tony Jackson (Head of Course, PLT NSW)

Tim Garratt (Assistant Director, Learning Content & Publications)

Michael Jones (Deputy Director, Marketing)

Glenn Swain (Manager, Student Services)

Jayne Watt (Manager, Client Services)

Adrian Deans (Director, Academic Policy & Quality)


Group Course Committee Terms of Reference (PDF) 

Research & Scholarship Committee  

Under review

Research & Scholarship Committee Terms of Service (PDF)

Work Experience Committee

Jane Boyd (Board of Governors appointee)

Glenn Swain (Manager, Student Services)

Glenn Brissenden (Manager, Client Services)

Program Director from relevant Stream


Work Experience Committee Terms of Reference (PDF)

Assessment Review Committee 

Program Director from relevant Stream

Tony Jackson (Head of Course, PLT NSW)

Paul Mead (Head of Course/Director ACT)

Michael Joyce (Senior Lecturer)

Adrian Deans (Director, Academic Policy & Quality)

Glenn Swain (Secretary)

Assessment Review Committee Terms of Reference (PDF)

Curriculum Advisory Committees  

PLT (in each Stream)

a senior internal academic 

At least three externals being industry representives or academics

ALP (in each discipline)

an external chair

A senior internal academic

At least two more externals being industry representatives or academics

Curriculum Advisory Committees Terms of Reference (PDF)

Course Approval Panel

Lewis Patrick (Chair)

Adrian Deans (Secretary)

Yvonne Muller (Editorial Manager)

Course Approval Panel Terms of Reference (PDF)

Course Review Panel

Jenna Ash (Chief Academic Officer, NZ)

Yvonne Muller (Editorial Manager)

Alison Wallis (Senior Instructor)

Course Review Panel Terms of Reference (PDF)

Appeals Committee  

The CEO or his nominee

An external member appointed by the Chair of the Board of Governors

A senior academic appointed by the Chair of the Academic Board

Appeals Committee Terms of Reference (PDF)

External Appeals Panel 

Any of three Board of Governors appointments (Prof Gino Dal Pont, The Hon Keith Mason AM QC, The Hon Peter Rose AM QC)

External Appeals Panel Terms of Service (PDF) 

College Committee Structure

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