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A trajectory for true growth

College of Law NZ - Resilience

FrontTier, part of The College of Law New Zealand has a number of programmes dealing with the various aspects of mental health issues in the workplace.

We integrate the latest research, to uncover the internal and external qualities that define holistic leaders and grow true wellbeing for your workforce. We provide strategies to assist individuals, management and staff.


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Step In & Speak Up

This programme is designed to help and encourage anyone who experiences or witnesses unacceptable behaviour to find their voice.

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The Neuroscience of Resilience

An informative and interactive programme that will explain how to recognise stress and its triggers and introduce and demonstrate various coping mechanisms.

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The Neuroscience of Resilient Teams

People often think that resilience is a state of being. This session will help you to understand that it is more what we do and think when faced with adversity and how those behaviours can impact your team’s performance while providing positive psychology solutions.

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The Management of Multi-generational Teams

Understand the concepts of Generational Literacy, Unconscious Bias and Emotional Intelligence and their impact on personal, team and organisational success. Learn how to bring out the best from the experience and wisdom of your workforce.

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The Neuroscience of Mindfulness

This session is designed to give delegates an introduction into the various aspects of Mindfulness and how it can be used in everyday life, both professional and personal.

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The Neuroscience of Cultural & Emotional Intelligence

This session will give delegates the opportunity to understand the concepts of emotional literacy and unconscious bias and their impact of personal and organisational success.

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The New Resilience

What are the makers of a resilient person? In this course we'll coach you to a ‘can do’ mindset, build a personalised resilience plan working with the concepts of “positive psychology”.

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The Advantage of Adaptive Resilience

Having completed the Neuroscience of Resilience Workshop, develop a deeper understanding of your personal triggers, stress tipping point, coping strategies, building optimism and maximising performance.

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The Workplace Performance & Wellbeing Portal

With the new Performance & Wellbeing Portal you can now accurately and independently dive deep into the wellbeing insights of your people.

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The Next Best Chapter

Help your people through transition and find what’s next. This self-directed approach maps strengths and opportunities, creates the space to take risks and shift to a whole new mindset.

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The Conflict Guru

Conflict in human relationships, even good relationships, is inevitable. Learning how to manage conflict is a key skill for anyone as conflict is a part of daily life.

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The Inner Sight

This programme is for individuals ready to go above and beyond self-awareness to enact personal and professional growth

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Mentoring and Coaching Programmes:

The Future Leaders Programme

Run over a period of nine months with a team of executive leadership coaches, this programme will provide you with the reassurance required to promote those best suited for the challenges of leadership.

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The Mentoring & Leadership Programme

This programme will enhance the delegates ability to develop growth strategies, build the right team, embrace change, and drive company performance.

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All programmes are led by a registered psychotherapist and organisational development specialist.

Glenys Gwynne

Glenys Gwynne

Glenys specialises in:
  • Leadership coaching and development
  • Executive assistance programmes
  • Management of personal brand and organisational impact
  • Enhancement of team engagement and performance

Learn more about Glenys


Steven Colligan

Steven Colligan

Steven specialises in:
  • Capability building
  • Business transformation
  • Change leadership
  • Human resources transformation

Learn more about Steven


I thought the seminar was really, really well presented. Thoroughly enjoyed it. I liked the small group and the exchange of ideas.

Anna Moodie

Partner, Meredith Connell


For your first session, once you have identified a subject which meets your needs, we will set up a pre-meeting with the presenter to discuss the expected outcomes of the session either face-to-face or via teleconference depending on location.

We then organise a time to run the programme which suits your timetable.

Have something in mind? We can tailor bespoke programmes to best suit yours and your organisation’s goals.



Sessions can be delivered online via video conferencing, on-site at your premises or hosted at the Colleges private teaching facilities in Auckland or Wellington. If you would like to discuss any of the programmes further, please contact:

We then organise a time to run the programme which suits your timetable.

Have something in mind? We can tailor bespoke programmes to best suit yours and your organisation’s goals.

E: mmartin@collaw.ac.nz
P: +64 9 300 1799



Each session is eligible for CPD hours.



The fees vary by programme type and duration.



For all in-house sessions, the cancellation policy is as follows:

  • Cancellation 10 working days or more – no charge
  • Cancellation of less than 10 working days – 50% of course fee
  • Cancellation of 5 working days or less – Full course fee



I really enjoyed the session, and Steven was very receptive to ideas and a very good facilitator.

Lisa Walker

Senior Legal Counsel, New Zealand Customs Service