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What is the NZLPE?

Most overseas practitioners who are seeking admission to the High Court of New Zealand are required to pass all or part of an examination on the law of New Zealand, known as the New Zealand Law and Practice Examination (NZLPE). The examination is run by the NZ Council of Legal Education. 

The College of Law provides the only preparation course designed to assist NZLPE candidates. 

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The NZLPE comprises six parts. The College of Law offers a preparation course for each part:

  • Part I – The New Zealand Legal System
  • Part II – Law of Contract
  • Part III – Criminal Law
  • Part IV – Property
  • Part V – Law of Torts
  • Part VI – Equity


To help you decide whether the College of Law’s NZLPE prep course will assist you in preparing for and passing the NZLPE, we have put together a FREE NZLPE Sampler Course. It consists of three modules, one from each of three of the six subjects in the NZLPE:

  • Part 2 Contract
    • Module 3: Additional requirements for a valid contract (including minors’ contracts and electronic transactions)
  • Part 4 Property
    • Module 3: Priorities between instruments, and caveats
  • Part 5 Torts
    • Module 1: Introduction to the Accident Compensation Act 2001

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Proven: We have helped thousands of international legal professionals pass the New Zealand Law and Practice Examination.

Prep on your schedule: Decide when and where you would like to study with a 100% online self-paced courses.

Practice with real questions: Study real questions from all past NZLPE exams since 2004. 

Learn from the pros: Meet online 1:1 with a specialist lawyer to check your understanding of the law and ask for clarification on legal areas you are studying.

Resources: Get access to a step-by-step study guide, quizzes and all relevant cases and statutes. 


For each part you enrol in, you are able to access a one-one-one 30-minute online meeting with a College specialist in the particular area of law.

The meeting allows the student and specialist to ask questions, demonstrating that the material has been understood, as well as providing an opportunity to discuss any relevant programme matters.

Start Dates

You can start your NZLPE preparation at anytime. 

Please check the NZCLE website for updates regarding exam timetables.


Each part is self-paced and does not follow a prescribed timetable. You can determine your own study pace according to your circumstances, the number of exams you have chosen to sit and when you sit them (July or November).

If you plan to study full-time, allow 4 - 6 weeks for each part. If you would like to study part-time, allow 10 to 15 weeks for each subject. 

It may be better to spread your exams over both July and November or over more than one year, depending on your individual circumstances.

Course Fees

The course fee is NZ$2,875 including GST per part (for New Zealand residents) and NZ$2,500 excluding GST if you reside outside of New Zealand.

The fee includes:

  • Access to an online course
  • 30 minute online feedback session
  • Transfer (at no cost) to another semester in the event of unsuccessful completion of the relevant examination due to deferral, non-registration, withdrawal, not sitting or not passing.