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Training Day 485 x 323
21 August 2024

Essential Leadership Skills for Young Legal Professionals

Published on 21 August 2024
Unlock the potential of emerging legal professionals with a comprehensive leadership training programme designed to foster influence, income growth, and career impact while maintaining well-being.
This full-day, in-person workshop is the culmination of an extensive training programme presented by Grant Herbert in collaboration with the College of Law New Zealand and the Professional Services Leadership Academy.


The workshop will cover four key modules:

  • Personal Power: Enhance emotional intelligence and self-confidence, and learn to set healthy boundaries.
  • Profitable Performance: Learn to optimise performance and maintain sustainable high output.
  • Prolific Productivity: Master techniques for managing priorities, environment, and energy to increase productivity.
  • Powerful Presenter: Develop confidence in public speaking and presentation skills.
The day will be filled with interactive instruction, implementation exercises, and discussions designed to empower participants and improve their career performance.
Note: prior to the in-person workshop, participants will engage in an online workshop via Zoom (Monday, 12 August). For those not able to attend - the webinar recording and supplementary materials will be provided.

In-person Workshop Date/Time:

Wednesday, August 21, 2024
9:00 PM - 5:00 PM NZST
Auckland CBD


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Grant Herbert - International Law Firm Mentor

Grant Herbert has over 40 years of experience empowering leaders worldwide to break free from the performance trap, learn from their experiences, and thrive in all areas of life. He specialises in replacing sabotaging mindsets and behaviors, ensuring tangible results and high ROI. Grant’s authentic approach inspires change and guides individuals through their journey of self-discovery. Engage Grant to unlock your potential and elevate your firm.