Ethics and Professional Practice

Ethics and Professional Practice


The Ethics and Professional Practice (Ethics) is a practice-based subject that advances on your foundational knowledge towards specialised and integrated understandings of Ethics and Professional Practice.

This subject develops understandings about legal practitioners’ obligations to act ethically, in compliance with professional rules and obligations, and demonstrate professional responsibility and professional courtesy in all dealings with clients, the courts, the community, and other lawyers.

On satisfactory completion of this subject you will master advanced theories and practices in Ethics and Professional Practice, and have an understanding of how to apply this knowledge. You will be able to use and explain this knowledge to specialist and non-specialist audiences. Using practice-based analytical and critical thinking skills, you will be able to apply this knowledge to problem-solving and decision-making in practice.

This subject also provides the foundations to develop reflective approaches to objective and subjective analyses of individual and social dimensions of applied law and professional practice in Ethics and Professional Practice in a range of contexts.


Ethics compromises of 8 modules:

Module 1 - Ethical conduct in practice

Module 2 - Professional conduct rules and standards

Module 3 - Client retainers and costs issues

Module 4 - Duty to account and the duty of care

Module 5 - Fiduciary duties and avoiding conflicts

Module 6 - Duty to the court

Module 7 - Professional interactions with the public and other professionals

Module 8 - Written assessment, oral assessment, and portfolio final submission


The programme offers four intakes throughout the year, with each study period running for 12 weeks.

Intake Start Census* Ends
Intake 1 17 Feb 2020 4 Mar 2020  8 May 2020 
Intake 2 18 May 2020 3 Jun 2020  9 Aug 2020 
Intake 3 17 Aug 2020  2 Sep 2020 6 Nov 2020 
Intake 4 16 Nov 2020  9 Dec 2020 12 Feb 2021 

*Please note: this is the final date to withdraw with a full refund.


The course fee is NZ $2,200 (not including GST, GST is payable if you reside in New Zealand).