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"The flexibility, the length of course and the reputation of The College of Law were key drivers and me choosing The College of Law over another provider"


Sophie Aubrey

ASB Graduate Programme




My name is Sophie Aubrey, I'm 22 and I've just completed my legal professionals through The College of Law upon the completion of my law and economics degree at the University of Waikato. I started my role in the ASB graduate programme at the start of this year and currently I'm in the rescue compliance business unit within private banking wealth and insurance and I expect to move into the strategy business unit in the next couple of months.

What course mode did you choose to study and why?

I chose the short format full-time course which was mostly online learning aside from a few on-site workshops because it allowed me some flexibility in terms of when I did the course as I was working full-time and I could really do it anywhere aside from the workshops.

What were some of the reasons you chose to study Profs at The College of Law?

The flexibility, the length of course and the reputation of The College of Law were key drivers and me choosing The College of Law over another provider, also having the option to have an elective was really attractive as I was able to choose corporate and it was being really beneficial in my current role.

Describe your experience at The College of Law

The lecturers were super helpful and understanding especially the on-site lecturers. It was super interesting because a lot of them had different backgrounds in teaching styles. I think that online experience has its own positives and negatives, it's really beneficial if you're working full time like I was and you have the ability to be able to study any time and place that you'd like, however at times I felt a little bit disengaged from the learning in the course but I think this is partly due to what we're used to growing up at school and university and how all the classes and learning is structured.

What did you like most about studying at The College of Law?

The on-site workshops definitely the highlight for me during my time at The College of Law. I really enjoyed being able to network and mingle with the other students and also the assessments that we completed like negotiation and advocacy were really fun but also challenging to your interpersonal and improvisational skills.

Do you have any advice for students about to study Profs at The College of Law?

The biggest piece of advice that I would give is to be realistic about your time and commitment before you start the course, in terms of what course mode you take and the timing of it. You want to be in a position where you able to fully immerse yourself into the course and take advantage of all the learning that there is an offer. Also utilise the online resources that are provided to you through the collaw website and by your lecturer and they're there to help you and make the learning process a lot easier.

How do you use the skills you learnt during Profs in your current role?

There are a lot of skills that I developed during my time in profs however the things that stood out to me were mostly attention to detail, analytical skills and resilience. I found resilience a really integral part of my success in the course especially when you are receiving constructive but sort of harsh feedback, it can be a little bit overwhelming. I would definitely recommend The College of Law professionals course to other students because it provides you with some invaluable knowledge and experience even if you're not considering pursuing a career in law. I'm in the finance and banking industry and I use the skills and knowledge that I learnt and profs every day.