29 March 2018

Collaboration to drive thought leadership in legal education policy

Published on 29 March 2018

Collaboration to drive thought leadership in legal education policy

Law Society of Singapore and The College of Law have committed to develop and deliver legal education and training programmes to meet the needs of the legal profession in Singapore. This shared commitment was marked by a memorandum of understanding signed by Gregory Vijayendran, President of Law Society, and Neville Carter, Group Chief Executive Officer of The College of Law on 19 March in Singapore.

The College of Law has been at the forefront of practical legal education in Australasia since 1974. The College started as a single operation in New South Wales, and it now operates in a number of locations across Australasia.

Gregory Vijayendran described the collaboration with The College of Law as historic, as this is the first time the Law Society has collaborated with a legal education provider. Usually, the Law Society collaborates with other bar associations. The collaboration will drive thought leadership in legal education policy.

Law Society and The College of Law will establish a 5-year development plan to prepare members of the legal profession for a future where lawyers require not only deep expertise in specific practice areas but also market knowledge and business skills. Mr Vijayendran said the Law Society could not have asked for a better partnership to build deep expertise for lawyers, given The College of Law’s track record, pedigree, and brand.

Neville Carter observed that Singapore law was increasingly the governing law in commercial transactions in this region, and there was a growing interest to know more about Singapore law. The College of Law was very pleased to be identifying with Singapore and the Law Society, Mr Carter added. The collaboration aims to develop a wide range of courses, and will develop a series of subjects involving ASEAN law to start with.

“The College of Law looks forward to an enduring and successful partnership with the Law Society,” Mr Carter said.