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 Five minutes with Chris Moore, Chairman of College of Law New Zealand's Board
23 June 2022

Five minutes with Chris Moore, Chairman of College of Law New Zealand's Board

Published on 23 June 2022

What was your first job in law?

On graduating, jobs were pretty hard to find so I frankly would have taken a job in any law firm that was prepared to hire someone who hadn’t really grown out of student life at Otago. My role was predominantly in the small commercial and residential areas with some litigation. As it transpired, I was extremely lucky and worked for what then would have been considered a mid-size firm with a supervising partner who took the role of teacher and supervisor seriously. He was a wonderful overseer with enormous patience ( which was definitely needed with me)

What led you to your current role?

I was always interested in commercial property so for the last 35 years I have specialised in that area as a partner, predominantly in large or specialist firms. In July 2021, I retired from Greenwood Roche, a national specialist projects firm where I was fortunate to be surrounded by the most amazing group of partners and staff. However, I wanted to have a little more control of my own destiny and tilt the focus of my practice towards strategic commercial property advice with an overlay of legal work so I established Chris Moore Consultants Ltd. I only represent two clients, one an offshore trust and the other, local. I do not want any more clients as I enjoy just working with these two and they keep me busy full time. Essentially I assist with negotiations on the acquisition of properties and new tenancies, provide strategic advice and run the affairs of the off shore trust but with the legal work being performed by Greenwood Roche.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your work in the legal profession?

The camaraderie with my former partners and staff at Greenwood Roche with whom I remain in constant contact is quite special. I also really enjoy working with other property professionals, such as project managers, property managers, contractors and commercial property agents. Finally, I derive enormous satisfaction from taking projects from infancy through to a successful development.

What achievements are you most proud of in your career to date?

Probably being elected by fellow practitioners as the New Zealand Law Society President for three consecutive, one year terms. It was an enormous privilege to represent the profession and an incredibly varied, influential and stimulating role. That would closely be followed by establishing the Auckland office of Greenwood Roche in 2013 and overseeing its rapid growth while maintaining its specialist expertise.

As Chairman of the College of Law New Zealand's Board, what do you hope to contribute to the College of Law community?

Having been a lawyer for over 40 years and worked with many young and aspiring lawyers, and those more experienced but wanting to improve their skills, I believe that I have an understanding of the desire to constantly improve. As professionals we must always be looking to enhance our skills as that, in the end, is all we have to sell. I hope that I can identify needs and help to meet those by providing practical education which can be utilised in business and personal life.

Tell us more about you: what are your interests outside of the law?

I enjoy time with my wife , Heather, our 3 children and 6 grandchildren. I also try to stay fit as a regular at the gym lifting pathetic weights, cycling,swimming and generally keeping fit. I have a weekly tennis four with a group of friends and also enjoy snowboarding although my children tell me I’m not very good, which is quite an accurate assessment.