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30 June 2022

Meet College of Law New Zealand alumna Benny Jones

Published on 30 June 2022

Meet College of Law New Zealand alumna Benny Jones. Benny is currently a Barrister & Solicitor at NL Lawyers Barristers & Solicitors in Tokoroa, Waikato.

We caught up with Benny about her life post-admission and advice she has for new lawyers and law students.

What does a day in life look like for you post-admission?

Life in a day of a lawyer post-admission feels like a reality TV show, you wake up to the realisation that you are in the real legal world, bringing together all the skills you have learnt from your Profs to the table. The real challenge starts when you are now on your own doing it all by yourself and with no tutor like you were used to. However, amidst the challenges, you discover your strength and the capacity to face everyday life challenges you encounter working as a lawyer.

Any tips for law grads navigating admission?

Make sure you go over the requirements for admissions, and start looking for your referee for a character reference, your criminal checks etc. Tick all the boxes to avoid delays when you make your application for admission.

Do you have any advice for law students?

It is a moment of reflection, and to reassure yourself about the big journey you are about to embark on. Think about the bigger picture and the reason why you want to become a lawyer.

Do you have a College of Law lecturer you would like to shout out?

Alison Wallis was super awesome and very dedicated to her work and she takes the extra effort to ensure her students understand their work.

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