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Weekly wellness tip: Start your day off on the right foot
07 September 2022

Weekly wellness tip: Start your day off on the right foot

Published on 07 September 2022

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Getting into the swing of things each morning can sometimes feel like a struggle. Whether it’s the darkand dreary winter mornings or the monotony of the “Groundhog Day” cycle we mayfind ourselves in, starting the day on a positive note is not always easy.However, by setting up an intentional routine for our morning schedules, we canincorporate actions that ensure a more optimistic and productive day ahead.

Here are a few ideas to consider adding into your day:

Get up early

It may seem counter intuitive, but getting up early, and around the same time each day, canbenefit your entire day. Oversleeping or pressing snooze multiple times can putus in a funk or make us feel groggy – not a great way to start your morning.

Take deep breaths

Meditation and deep breathing can positively impact many aspects of our lives and help us set apositive tone for the day. Taking a few minutes to reflect inwardly beforediving into the rest of your routine can ensure you are in the best possiblemindset to tackle whatever life throws at you.

Drink water

Before heading directlyfor the coffeepot upon waking, sip on a big glass of water. There are so manybenefits to properly hydrating, and doing so first thing in the morning canpositively impact your overall well-being.

Move your body

Once you have hydrated,make time to exercise. While being physically active any time of day is great,making time to go for a walk or try a new exercise app early in the day ensuresyou fit in your workout as well as gives you a boost of energy to start yourday.

Set goals

Now is a good time to pour that first cup of coffee and grab a notepad. Listing out your priorities forthe day creates a roadmap to help you meet your goals. It may not be possibleto achieve them all but looking back at those crossed off items at the end ofthe day will give you a sense of accomplishment.

Fuel smartly

Finally, make sure to eat a nutritious breakfast. Starting the day with a healthy meal can help yourbrain and body function better and continue the positive momentum you’vealready created.

Starting new habits is noteasy but working one or two of these ideas into your morning over the comingmonths can make a big difference in how you approach each day. Before you knowit, you may be looking forward to that alarm going off each day!

**Adapted from PositivePsychology.com


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