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07 November 2023

Weekly wellness tip: Strategies to Avoid Hurry Sickness

Published on 07 November 2023

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Strategies to Avoid Hurry Sickness

There are officially 8 weeks left of 2023!

For many leaders and organisations, this time of the year can look like getting as much work as possible done before Christmas.

"Hurry sickness" describes a modern phenomenon in which individuals feel a constant and unrelenting sense of urgency and busyness in their lives. It's characterised by a pervasive need to do everything quickly, to multitask, and to be perpetually productive. People experiencing hurry sickness often feel overwhelmed, stressed, and anxious due to the relentless pace of their lives.

The implications can be very real and affect our lives at work and at home.

If you recognise any of this in your own life or someone close to you, we suggest trying strategies for slowing down, simplifying life, and embracing a more intentional and mindful way of living.

Like marking time in your daily schedule and weekly calendar to intentionally slow down and allow your brain and body to catch up.