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Intakes and Subject Information

Intakes and Subject Information


The programme offers four intakes throughout the year, with each study period running for 12 weeks.

Intake Start Census* Ends
Intake 1 13 Feb 2023 1 Mar 2023 5 May 2023
Intake 2 15 May 2023 31 May 2023 4 August 2023
Intake 3 14 Aug 2023 30 Aug 2023 3 Nov 2023
Intake 4 13 Nov 2023 6 Dec 2023 9 Feb 2024

*Please note: this is the final date to withdraw with a full refund.


Intake 1 2023

Specialisation Subject
Criminal Law CRM4 Criminal Disclosure
Family Law

FLP1 Foundations of Family Law Practice

FLP11 Advanced Parenting Issues
In-house Practice

IHP101NZ Foundations of In-house Practice

Wills, Estates & Trusts WEP4 Statutory Mechanisms for Family Provision
Electives BLP1NZ Foundations of Business Law Practice


Intake 2 2023

Specialisation Subject
Criminal Law CRM2 Trial Procedure
CRM6 Mental Impairment
CRM00 Capstone Project
Family Law FLP2 Property, Maintenance and Child Support
FLP12 Advanced Issues in Property, Maintenance and Child Support
FLP00 Capstone Project (Family Law)
In-house Practice IHP102 Managing Disputes
IHP111 Acting as a Company Secretary
Wills, Estates & Trusts WEP2 Law and Practice of Estates
WEP6 Advanced Issues in Wills & Estates
WEP00 Capstone Project - Wills & Estates


Intake 3 2023

Specialisation Subject
Criminal Law ´╗┐CRM1 Sentencing Law and Procedure
CRM5 Search and Seizure
Family Law FLP1 Foundations of Family Law Practice
FLP13 Development & Management of a Family Law Practice
FLP14 Family Dispute Resolution
In-house Practice IHP101 Foundations of In-house Practice
IHP112 Managing the Legal Team
Wills, Estates and Trusts WEP1 Foundations of Wills & Estates Practice
WEP5 Contested Probate and other Court Applications
WEP7 Elder Law


Intake 4 2023

Specialisation Subject
Criminal Law CRM3 Appeals
CRM00 Capstone Project
Family Law FLP3 Conducting Family Law Matters
FLP15 Advocacy in Family Law
FLP00 Capstone Project (Family Law)
In-house Practice IHP102 Managing Disputes
IHP00 Capstone Project
Wills, Estates and Trusts WEP3 Construing and Drafting Wills
WEP7 Elder Law
 WEP00 Capstone Project - Wills & Estates
DRP1 Foundations of Dispute Resolution

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These Applied Law programmes are delivered by The College of Law Limited in Australia which is a self-accrediting Higher Education Provider within the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) regulatory framework. The programmes are fully compliant with the Australian Qualifications Framework at Masters level. The College has delivered these programmes for over 10 years and is now the second largest provider of LLM qualifications in Australia.

It should be noted that these Applied Law programmes are not accredited by the NZQA.

*We reserve the ability to cancel subjects if there is insufficient interest.