Intakes and Subject Information

Intakes and Subject Information


The programme offers four intakes throughout the year, with each study period running for 12 weeks.

Intake Start Census* Ends
Intake 1 17 Feb 2020 4 Mar 2020 8 May 2020
Intake 2 18 May 2020 3 Jun 2020 9 August 2020
Intake 3 17 Aug 2020 2 Sep 2020 6 Nov 2020
Intake 4 16 Nov 2020 9 Dec 2020 12 Feb 2021

*Please note: this is the final date to withdraw with a full refund.


Intake 1 2020

Specialisation Subject
Family Law FLP1NZ Foundations of Family Law Practice
FLP12 Advanced Issues in Property and Maintenance
In-house Practice IHP101NZ Foundations of In-house Practice
Wills, Estates & Trusts WEP3 Construing and Drafting Wills


Intake 2 2020

Specialisation Subject
Criminal Law CRM01NZ Mitigation and Sentencing
Family Law FLP2NZ Property and Maintenance
FLP11 Advanced Parenting Issues
Wills, Estates & Trusts WEP2NZ Law and Practice of Estates
WEP4 Statutory Mechanisms for Family Provision


Intake 3 2020

Specialisation Subject
Criminal Law CRM2 Trial Procedure
Family Law FLP1 Foundations of Family Law Practice
FLP15 Advocacy in Family Law
In-house Practice IHP101 Foundations of In-house Practice
IHP111 Acting as a Company Secretary
Wills, Estates and Trusts WEP1 Foundations of Wills & Estates Practice
WEP6 Advanced Issues in Wills & Estates


Intake 4 2020

Specialisation Subject
Criminal Law CRM3 Appeals
Family Law FLP3 Conducting Family Law Matters
FLP14 Family Dispute Resolution
FLP00 Capstone Project (Family Law)
In-house Practice IHP112 Managing the Legal Team
IHP00 Capstone Project
Wills, Estates and Trusts WEP2 Law and Practice of Estates
WEP5 Contested Probate and other Court Applications
WEP00 Capstone Project - Wills & Estates
Elective BLP1NZ Foundations of Business Law Practice